6 thoughts on “Nick Johnson is back in the Bronx

    • More than one word: Because he is cheap, has an insane OBP (which will most likely get better in the Yankees lineup), has pretty good power, can play the field if necessary, and the guy can flat out hit. I can see why you question the move, I wasn’t too sure what to think about it at first. Sure, he isn’t a big time star, but he is underrated. I will miss Damon though.

  1. Replace Damon? Why not resign him? The Yankees now have leverage because of the Granderson deal and the Angels’ signing of Matsui. Damon will have to take what the Yankees offer him or go somewhere else because the Yankees have other options such as Gardener, Cabrera, Hairston Jr. , Matt Holliday or Jason Bay. I still question this signing of Johnson. He played for the Nationals and they finished behind the Mets in the NL East with only 59 wins. He has a .291 avg and a .426 OBP but there are much better options out there and I don’t think they picked him up to use as trade bait because if the Nationals don’t want him that might be a clue.

    • I do not see what the Nationals 2009 record has to do with this. Also, saying the Nationals not wanting him “might be a clue” is ridiculous. Did you ever think that maybe the Nationals are trying to save some money and avoid signing a guy they don’t need, it’s not like he was going to bring them to the World Series.

      Overall, I can see why you feel upset. It’s going to be tough seeing Damon go, and I’m still hoping there is a chance he comes back (but it’s unlikely because of the money he supposedly wants).

  2. The only reason why nobody wanted Nick Johnson because he was injury prone!! And replace Damon on-base percentage!! Some moves by G.M. are puzzling!! Sometimes as a G.M. you make good and bad moves such as the Kei Igawa disaster a few seasons ago!!! Or will they will get Ben Sheets or Justin Duscherer as a incentive based high risk reclamation project as the fourth or fifth starter?

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