Halladay and Lackey finding new homes. Matsui too?

A lot can happen in a short time in the world of baseball. Just over the course of one day there are rumors of three pretty big players finding new new homes…

Roy Halladay – It looks like he is going to the Phillies. Wait, it gets much more interesting. This deal does not just include the Phillies and the Blue Jays, the Mariners actually play a huge role in this trade. The Phillies will send recently acquired Cliff Lee to the Mariners in return for prospects. Some names thrown around as the prospects have been outfielder Michael Saunders and pitcher Brandon Morrow (he’s the guy who almost threw a no-hitter against the Yankees in 2008). Presumably then the Phillies would trade a mix of their prospects with some of the prospects they recieve from the Mariners to the Blue Jays for Halladay. Interesting trade to say the least.

John Lackey – He appears to be shipping up to Boston. The Red Sox and Lackey have agreed on a 5 year deal worth 85 million, similar to the deal A.J. Burnett recieved from the Yankees.

Hideki Matsui – Don’t worry he hasn’t finalized anything yet, but the he is on the “verge of a deal” with the Angels. Supposedly the deal would be for 6.5 million over one year. It would really sting to see Matsui go for such a small contract. The Yankees can obviously afford 6.5 million, but the problem is they probably would rather get Johnny Damon back and if the get Matsui that might close the door for Damon. So this could end up hurting the Yankees if he does indeed sign with the Angels.

Chien-Ming Wang – He hasn’t come close to signing a deal as far as I know. I just figured I’d update you guys on his status. As you know the Yankees non-tendered him the other day making him a free agent. Following that the Yankees offered him a split-contract meaning he would start out on a minor league contract, then when the Yankees deemed him healthy he would be on a major league contract. However, Wang declined this contract. Now Wang’s agent is saying that his client may not sign for a few months, which is a risky move on Wang’s part. It works towards the  Yankees favor though. If he doesn’t sign until Spring Training or even later, then the Yankees can monitor his progress in rehab without owing any money to him. Also if Wang truly intends to wait a few months before signing a deal, he must be pretty confident he will come back healthy, which is a good sign. I really hope the Yankees get him back.

"Only 66 more days until Pitchers and Catchers"

"Only 66 more days until Pitchers and Catchers"

12 thoughts on “Halladay and Lackey finding new homes. Matsui too?

  1. Wow I am not shocked about the Halladay move to the Phillies but John Lackey going to the Red Sox is a little shocking but he wanted to pitch in Texas but the Yankees will be fine? Who the Yankees will sign this offseason!! Ben Sheets or Justin Duscherer? At least we won’t be accused of buying championships because the Red Sox also spends a lot of money on free agent!!!

  2. I already miss Matsui!!! He was classy, clutch, and a great guy!!! The Yankees fan better not boo him when he gets his ring on the Yankees home opener against the Angels!!! Derek Jeter and Mo the same thing!!! H0w come the Yankees didn’t get in on Cliff Lee if he was made available? I trust Brian Cashman on developing Joba and Hughes into an ace pitcher I think!!!

  3. WOW! This Hot Stove news is jaw dropping. The Mets’ chance of taking the NL East just got even dimmer. The Red Sox getting Cameron & Lackey? WOW! Now the Mets or Yankees will get Jason Bay and if the Mets get Bay the Yankees will resign Damon. Matsui going to the Angels surprised me as well but we all knew he probably wasn’t going to be a Yankee even after winning the WS MVP. Yakkin’ About The Yankees Hot Stove: http://sweetchinmusic.mlblogs.com

    • I like how you magically know that the only teams that can get Bay are the Yankees or the Mets, and you somehow know that if the Mets get Bay the Yankees will certainly get Damon. I would just like to know where you are get this from…haha! I highly doubt the Yankees are getting Bay or Holliday for that matter, and if they do I think it would be a mistake. Also I still don’t see how it would make sense for the Mets to get Bay or any other big time free agent, there is nobody out there that can put them over the hump. If they are smart (which I’m not too sure Mr. Minaya is) they just wait it out for a few years and try to develop their prospects (if they have any left).

  4. Did you not now i am magic? haha but seriously I’m a yankees fan so why wouldn’t I want a NY team to get the big free agents? Also I 100% agree with you the Mets are better off letting Zippy the chimp be GM aka Mr. Cheat himself Steve Phillips. (<ZING, totally uncalled for random shot at Steve Phillips lol)

      • And Minaya is BAD! Today’s NY Post headline read : “Bold Stand” highlighting the letters B & S in bright orange. BS is exactly what describes what Omar is doing so far this off season. I can’t believe he really thinks they can be competitive in the NL East without seriously revamping that team.

  5. Who will the Yankees target in leftfield that Damon negotiation stalled? Is it Mark DeRosa or will Damon cave in? And the Yankees should get one more pitcher such as Ben Sheets but he got upside but the only downfall with him he is injury prone!!!

      • I’d like to see Damon back not as a LF but maybe as a DH just to have Jeter, Damon as 1,2 in the lineup to pack a powerful punch in an offense that should score a lot of runs just like last season. I also read today the Yankees are supposedly going to make a serious push for Matt Holliday and Mark DeRosa is not out of the range of possibilities as a utility player like Jerry Hairston Jr.

        • I too would like to see Damon back as the DH, and occasional left fielder. As far as Matt Holliday and Mark DeRosa go, just say no to them. They would be a mistake. Of course if you read a news paper especially one like the New York Post or Daily News you are going to see stories that the Yankees are interested in big free agents. It doesn’t mean the Yankees actually are pushing hard for the player(s). Think of it this way, imagine you were working for one of these New York newspapers, are you going to write a story about the Yankees not being too interested in the a big free agent (which most people wouldn’t even bother reading) or would you write a story about the Yankees pushing really hard for this big free agent and make things up like say the Yankees offered Holliday a 120 million dollar contract (because that’s what these writers do anyway). I just trying to get you to understand that you have to take most sources (like newspapers) very lightly and realize that most of the time they are just making things up.

  6. Okay!!! Then who got the Curtis Granderson trade right!! I saw that in the New York Post earlier in the offseason and it happened during the Winter meetings!!!

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