Yankees non-tender Wang

According to Joe Strauss the Yankees non-tendered Chien-Ming Wang, this means he will become a free agent. Now this doesn’t mean his career with the Yankees is over, they still could offer him a minor league contract with incentives, or even a major league contract with incentives. I really hope they bring him back. I may be biased because he has been one of my favorite Yankees since he first came up, but I just don’t think he is anywhere near the end of his career. What do you guys think?

3 thoughts on “Yankees non-tender Wang

  1. I sure hope so to provide depth when Wang is ready just in case of an injury!!! An incentive laden contract such as a minor or a major league contract by the Yankees would work!! Every teams need pitching!!

    • Your ahead of my post. I posted this right after they non-tendered Wang. At that point Wang had no deal to take. It wasn’t until later that the Yankees offered him a deal, and he declined it. Next to at least let everybody know what you’re talking about.

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