Bruney traded to the Nationals

Brian Bruney has been traded to the Washington Nationals for their rule 5 draft pick . In the last year Bruney has really declined as a pitcher, and I don’t blame the Yankees for this move. This way the Yankees won’t have to pay him about 2 million (which he about was set to get), and they can save that money for other purposes. Considering the Nationals had the first pick in the rule 5 draft, and now the Yankees do, I really like this move.

5 thoughts on “Bruney traded to the Nationals

  1. It is a good move because Bruney has always lately injured lately and getting something for him is good!! Dave Robertson will be pitching the eighth inning or Marte/Coke also!!! Or will the Yankees get another bullpen arm? I want Hughes to be a starter next season hopefully but it is Brian Cashman decision along with Girardi but I am not sure about Joba? But the Yankees are right now negotiating with Andy Pettitte for the 2010 season!!!

    • I don’t think the Yankees will be acquiring any bullpen arms. Cashman has seemingly determined that the best way to create to best bullpen is to use young, cost-effective, homegrown arms, and that’s exactly how I would approach a bullpen if I was a GM. Relievers tend to come and go, and if you sign them to long deals involving lots of money, you usually get burned in the end. I expect to see a good effort this year from the Yankees young relievers: David Robertson, Phil Coke, Mark Melancon, Mike Dunn…etc.

  2. Hey Chris!!! Here we go again with the Curtis Granderson rumors with the Yankees!! I am not sure if it is dead or alive!!! But I am opposed to giving up Austin Jackson, Ian Kennedy, Mike Dunn and Phil Coke to the Tigers without getting any prospects back from the Tigers or D-backs such as Matt Scherzer or Daniel Schlereth the son of the ESPN football analyst Mark Schlereth!! What is Austin Jackson upside the same as Curtis Granderson? I know he is speedy, good defense but will Austin Jackson developed power?

  3. The Yankees got Curtis Granderson from the Tigers in a trade!!! But the Diamonbacks gave away Matt Scherzer and Daniel Schlereth to the Tigers along with the Yankees giving away Phil Coke, Austin Jackson to the Tigers along with Ian Kennedy to the Diamondbacks!!! But Mike Dunn is still in the Yankees farm as a lefthander!!!!

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