Awards and Notes


  • Congratulations to Zack Greinke for winning the AL Cy Young Award. In case you are wondering CC finished 4th in the voting.
  • Congratulations to New York (Staten Island, to be precise) native, Andrew Bailey, for winning the AL Rookie of the Year award.
  • Congratulations to Chris Coghlan for winning the NL ROY.


  • The Yankees declined Sergio Mitre’s 2010 $1.25 million option, but he is still eligible for arbitration with the Yankees.
  • Recently there have been a lot of rumors linking the Yankees with Curtis Granderson of the Tigers. Personally, I think he would be a good fit, but only for a good price, which probably won’t happen. River Avenue Blues has a good read about the subject. What do you guys think?

19 thoughts on “Awards and Notes

  1. BOO! That’s all I have to say. CC deserved that Cy Young hands down. He had 19 regular season wins, he made ALL of his post season starts on 3 days rest, and on top of all that the Yankees won the World Series! Not to say Greinke didn’t do his part but CC turned this team around from a 2008 NYY club that didn’t make the playoffs to a team that took it all. Also Granderson would be a great addition to the Yankees because like Jeter he is a very smart player on and off the field so I would enjoy to see him patrol the outfield at Yankee Stadium and he’s not to shabby at the plate either.

  2. Yes I admit Greinke was dominant with all the shutouts and complete games in the regular season Chris!!!! I have respect for the game of baseball and the other teams Chris!!!! I like Curtis Granderson with his home run power but the only negatives are the strikeouts and can’t hit lefties and his charity work but his last month of the year his defense wasn’t that great but that can improve with coaching and can we get Edwin Jackson in a trade with the Detroit Tigers along with Curtis Granderson maybe or John Lackey via free agent!!!! Because I am not sure if Joba is a starter or a bullpen guy along with Hughes!!!! Hughes should be a starter but I hope he finally learned to pitch in the major leagues as a starter and don’t get bombed!!!!

          • Keyword is POTENTIAL. They could be “potential” starters but they got their chance and blew it but pitched very well in the bullpen. So if it isn’t broke don’t fix it.

            • When did they get their chance? Last year Hughes was doing well in the rotation and they panicked when Joba got hit by a comebacker and called Wang up (he wasn’t ready) forcing Hughes into the pen. Joba has gotten his chances, but he is one of the many young pitchers who you need patience with. Plus, he was pretty bad in the bullpen this year, until the end of the playoffs. And there is no guarantees that either of them will be good in the bullpen.

              • Joba was HORRENDOUS at times out in the pen but he’s only out there for an inning or 2. If he starts he usually has to go at least 5 innings a game and if he can’t pitch well in 1 0r 2 out of the pen how will he ever be a successful starter?

  3. And now I am hearing rumors that the Yankees are favorite for the Roy Halladay sweepstakes with the Toronto Blue Jays in a trade!!!! But I don’t know what is the truth or what is fiction yet but I would love to get one of the best pitcher in baseball but I know the Yankees have to give up Joba or Hughes in that deal I have to admit that along with some other prospects such as Austin Jackson but not Jesus Montero who is a beast age 19 with a lot of power already and a can’t miss prospect!!!!

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