Teixeira and Jeter take home gold gloves

After winning the World Championship just last week, Mark Teixeira and Derek Jeter won the 2009 Gold Glove award for their respective positions. This is Jeter’s 4th time winning the award, and Teixeira’s 3rd time. We all know that Derek Jeter is often criticized for his defense, but he did improve this year. I’m not sure he completely earned the award, but there really wasn’t any other shortstop who you could argue was a much better fielder than Jeter. So, I believe Jeter was worthy of this award. I also believe Teixeira was definitely worthy of the award, but there were other first baseman who may have been better than Teix. In the end, these days gold gloves don’t mean much, but it is still nice to see a pair of Yankees win the award since the Yankees are always criticized for their defense.

Chicago+Cubs+v+New+York+Yankees+GzeloMKW3v2lKnight_Gunner_AWARD-Gold_Glove_AwardNew York Yankees vs. Boston Red Sox

9 thoughts on “Teixeira and Jeter take home gold gloves

  1. Texiera and Jeter defense been great but the Yankees outfield defense is not that great because Swisher is an adventure while Damon is not a great defensive leftfielder but Cano in the past got defensive lapses on easy plays but he improve this year but to me he is not a Gold Glover yet!!!!

  2. Maybe Cano is not a Gold Glover YET but you have to admit he was in the running for one this year as his regular season defense was the best of his career! Hopefully Robbie Cano can take it home next year. Free Agent Chatter Beginning on my Bronx Homers Blog: http://bronxhomers.com/rizz

  3. All I kept thinking throughout the playoffs was, ‘as long as Tex keeps making those plays at first I don’t care if he goes hitless every day.’ His defense was that valuable at first. We have Giambi at first this year and we have trouble getting past the Angels. Tex made difficult plays look routine.

  4. Congratulations to the Zack Greinke of the Kansas City Royals for winning the 2009 A.L. Cy Young Award winner this season!!!! Zack Greinke got 16 wins and a 2.13 E.R.A. in the A.L.!!!!!

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