Yankees journey down the Canyon of Heroes

Hideki was on the frist float...

Hideki leads the way as the Yankees head into the Canyon of Heroes


I would not be opposed to re-signing Matsui, especially after what he did in the World Series.

I like A-Rod's hat

I like A-Rod's hat


The Jeter float


The Pettitte family


Damon and Swisher shared a float

Yankees Parade Baseball

Yogi Berra was also part of the parade


Fittingly, Mariano is on the last float to "close" things out


The Yankees head on over to City Hall (which is all decked out in Yankee style) to receive the keys to the city

A.J. plays with A-Rod's hat

A.J. messes with A-Rod and his hat

*Nov 06 - 00:05*

Hideki Matsui receives his key to New York City

All pictures are found from either the New York Daily News or the New York Post