One more to go…

With last night’s nail biting victory, the Yankees lead the World Series 3 games to 1. They only need to win 1 out of the next 3 games to be World Champions. Will it happen tonight with A.J. Burnett going on 3 days rest? There’s only 27 outs standing between World Championship and the Yankees.

*Nov 01 - 00:05*

Alex Rodriguez was the hero last night, who will be the hero tonight?

Melky Cabrera update : Last night Melky strained his hamstring, and according to Mark Feinsand, Ramiro Pena has replaced Melky on the playoff roster. It’s too bad the Yankees won’t have Melky to play center for the rest of the World Series, but they do have Brett Gardner and Jerry Hairston Jr. I can’t help but feel bad for Melky though…

5 thoughts on “One more to go…

  1. A.J. Burnett got great stuff but he is very inconsistent!!! Last night on three days rest he went only two and 1/3 innings and one of the main reasons the Yankees lost game 5 8-6 along with Phil Coke!!! The Yankees couldn’t handled Chase Utley this World Series!!! Don’t give him inside pitches or in the middle of the plate!!!! Now the Yankees have to win it on Wednesday night with Andy Pettitte pitching on three days of rest versus Who my Daddy Pedro Martinez!!! I am worried about the three days of rest thing because I only trust C.C. Sabathia doing it but not the other two even though Andy Pettitte is a clutch pitcher!!!!!

  2. Well look at it this way “Big Game” Pedro is going up against our big game guy Andy Pettitte tomorrow night in Game 6. God forbid it should ever make it to Game 7 the Phils have Cole Hamels on the mound and all he wants to do is go home so we are more than likely going to have the 27x World Champion New York Yankees and not the Back to Back Champion “Silly”delphia Phillies.

  3. Yes Riz I got confidence in Andy Pettitte and C.C. Sabathia!!! But I want to beat My Daddy Pedro Martinez and end it in game 6 with Andy Dandy Pettitte and being a clutch performer!!!!

  4. Pedro is your daddy? Okay, whatever floats your boat but The Yankees are Pedro’s daddy just to clear things up and in a futile attempt to get us back they came out with “Who’s Your Papi?” Anyway the rings do the talking 26 of them to be exact and soon that number will be 27. Just like Joe Willie Namath did in the Super Bowl with the Jets I guarantee a World Series victory. Some may call me arrogant, cocky and or confident but I’m not if it turns out to be true..ha. To hear me rant on like this more check out my blog @

  5. That what the last time Pedro Martinez called himself when the Yankees beat him!!! If the Yankee win I will not secondguess Joe Girardi!!!!!

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