Game 152: Yankees at Angels

I feel like I haven’t done this in years…Here is tonight’s starting lineup via Pete Abe:

SS Derek Sanderson Jeter

LF Johnny David Damon

1B Mark Charles Teixeira

3B Alex Emanuel Rodriguez

DH Hideki Matsui

C Jorge Rafael Posada Villeta

2B Robinson Jose Cano

RF Nick Thompson Swisher

CF Brett M. Gardner

And on the mound, Chad Edward Guadin

Please come back Robertson!

David Robertson who is recovering from elbow pain, threw in the bullpen today according to Pete Abe. Every time Brian Bruney pitches Yankee fans realize how valuable Robertson is to the Yankees.

8 thoughts on “Game 152: Yankees at Angels

  1. I know that but the Yankees magic number is down to five after today 3-2 Yankees win over the Angels but it could come down to four if the Red Sox lose tonight!!!

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