Appreciating Peter Abraham

Over the past few years Pete Abe of the LoHud Yankees Blog has kept Yankees fan up to date with all things about the Yankees. He breaks news quickly, yet formally. As you probably know, I always turn to his blog to find out what the Yankees starting lineup happens to be for the day. Sadly for Yankees fans, Pete got offered a higher paying job by the Boston Globe to cover the Red Sox. He accepted the job, and I can’t blame him at all. Here is part of what Pete had to say to his followers:

So here it is: I’m leaving The Journal News after nearly 10 years and going to work for The Boston Globe.

I’ll be covering baseball — yes, the Red Sox — and blogging for The Globe approached me in August, right around the time my newspaper was going through some painful restructuring that you all heard about.

But that was incidental. For many years now, my life has been my job. I covered the UConn basketball team for 13 seasons for The Norwich (Conn.) Bulletin and then the Mets and Yankees for the The Journal News. It was tremendous fun to work for a small paper and then to move up a step on the chain.

Now I get a chance to move up again and live closer to my family. I’m the oldest child in my family and my mom and dad are retired. It means a lot to me to be around them and other members of my family. For years, they’ve been imploring me to come home and now seems like a good time.

But it wasn’t an easy call. I have literally not slept for 48 hours pondering this decision. The Journal News has treated me better than I had any right to expect and tried very hard to convince me to stay. I also really, really love covering the Yankees. It has been the highlight of my professional career. I’m close friends with several other beat writers, too. We try to beat each other’s brains out in the paper, but it always has been with a sense of camaraderie and great respect.

Now I don’t read many blogs of other teams, especially rivals, but I will definitely be reading Pete’s Red Sox blog. Good luck Peter, I hope you enjoy your time in Boston.

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