Yankees lose a winnable game

Last night the Yankees lost to the Rangers by the score of 10-9. I happened to be at Yankee Stadium to witness the loss. For the most part, the game was not that enjoyable to watch, Joba was dreadful, and the Yankees let Kevin Millwood get away after scoring 4 runs against him in the 1st inning. But in the 9th inning, with the Yankees down 10-5, things got interesting. The Yankees brought the game to 10-9 and still had no outs and men on 1st and 2nd, but from there the rally died. Nick Swisher popped out on a questionable bunt attempt (River Avenue Blues has an interesting post about the bunt, and bunting in general), and then Melky hit a line drive to the Rangers’ shortstop and Jerry Hairston Jr. was doubled up at 2nd to end the game.

Quick Stadium Review

  • Last night was the first game at the stadium that I have been to since earlier in the season, and from the looks of it, the new Yankee Stadium is really the Yankees home now, instead of just an attractive new ballpark.
  • In the 9th inning during the Yankees rally, the stadium much louder than I’ve heard it all season (despite the fact that several fans had left). And I was at the game where Melky Cabrera got a walk off base hit against the Phillies, the stadium got load then, but not as loud as last night.
  • I finally got to visit the new Monument Park, and while it was very nice, I still don’t like how it is covered up by the Mohegan Sun sports bar.
The view from my seat.

The view from my seat.

3 thoughts on “Yankees lose a winnable game

  1. I know it is disappointing but I will be at the game tonight with Andrew Eugene Pettitte starting for the Yankees!!! Hopefully it will be a better game and the Yankees win in the final outcome!!!

  2. I did Chris!! Except I was dodging raindrops which I didn’t expect but Andy Pettitte pitched out of jams!! The Yankees made it a laugher in the seventh inning by scoring five runs to break open a 4-2 game into a 9-2 Yankees victory!!!

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