The Greatest Game of The Season

Last night Alex Rodriguez hit a walk off two run homer (the only runs of the game!) to defeat the Red Sox in 15 innings. Last night’s game was easily the biggest game of the season so far for the Yankees, their pitching dueled the Red Sox pitching for 15 innings in what would become an instant classic. If I didn’t mention everything that happened in this game, it wouldn’t be fair, so I am going to sum it up inning by inning. Here we go!

1st inning

Red Sox – Jacoby Ellsbury started off the game with a single past a diving Swisher, and then Dustin Pedroia walked. It looked like a bad way to start the game off for the Yankees, but little did we know that Burnett would not allow a hit for the rest of the game! Burnett would get Victor Martinez to ground out into a double play, and then he got David Ortiz to ground out after walking Kevin Youkilis.

Yankees – The Yankees would go 3 up 3 down against Beckett as Jeter lined out, Damon struck out looking, and Teixeira grounded out.

2nd inning

Red Sox – This time Burnett would look better as he got J.D. Drew to ground out, Jason Varitek to strike out, and Josh Reddick to fly out.

Yankees – The Yankees would go 3 up 3 down again as Rodriguez took strike 3, Matsui grounded out, and Posada struck out swinging.

3rd inning

Red Sox – Nick Green flies out, Ellsbury grounds out, Pedroia walks only to be caught stealing by Jorge Posada.

Yankees – The Yankees get their first base runner of the game as Robinson Cano doubles, then Swisher walked, but Melky grounded into a double play and Jeter grounded out to end the inning.

4th inning

Red Sox – Victor Martinez flew out to start the inning, then Youkilis walked, but David Ortiz hit into a double play to end the inning.

Yankees – Damon called out on strikes, Teixeira lines out, and Rodriguez flies out…3 up 3 down.

5th inning

Red Sox – J.D. Drew grounds out, Varitek lines out, and Reddick called out on strikes…3 up 3 down.

Yankees – They finnally got something going this inning…Hideki singled to start the inning, followed by a single by Posada, then Cano hit one as hard as you can but right at J.D. Drew for the first out of the inning, Matsui did not tag up. After Cano, Swisher was called out on strikes, 2 outs. Then Melky walked to load the bases for Jeter, who grounded out to end the inning, no runs score.

6th inning

Red Sox – The inning started out poorly for Burnett, he walked Nick Green to start the inning, then Ellsbury reached on catcher’s interference by Posada. But then Burnett got Pedroia to fly out, Martinez to pop out, and then Youkilis struck out to end the inning.

Yankees – Damon led off the inning by popping out, followed by Teixeira who grounded out, then Rodriguez who also grounded out.

7th inning

Red Sox – David Ortiz struck out to lead off the inning, followed by Drew who grounded out, then Varitek who struck out to end the inning.

Yankees – Matsui singled to start the inning, but then Posada struck out, followed by Cano who struck out while Matsui was trying to steal second but was thrown out. End of inning.

8th inning

Red Sox – Reddick grounded out to lead off the inning, then Casey Kotchman pinch hit for Nick Green but he struck out, and then Burnett walked Ellsbury in what would be his final batter faced in the game. Burnett departed with 2 outs and a man on first, and he got a huge standing ovation from the crowd as he left. Phil Hughes came in to replace Burnett, and he got Pedroia to fly out for the 3rd out.

AJ ovation

Yankees – The Red Sox put in Hideki Okajima to replace Beckett. Swisher grounded out to lead off the inning, then Melky struck out and Jeter flew out.

9th inning

Red Sox – Mariano Rivera came in to replace Hughes, and Jerry Hairston Jr. took over in right field for defensive purposes. Victor Martinez struck out swinging to lead off the inning, then Youkilis took called strike three, then Ortiz hit a single, but J.D. Drew lined out to end the inning.

Yankees – Damon flew out to lead off the inning, then the Red Sox put in Daniel Bard to replace Okajima. Teixeira would strike out against Bard for the 2nd out, but then Rodriguez singled and stole second, followed by a walk by Matsui. Then with Posada batting, Bard balked which put runners at 2nd and 3rd but Posada would strike out to end the inning.

10th inning

Red Sox – Alfredo Aceves took over for Mariano to begin the 10th. Varitek and Reddick both grounded out to begin the inning, but then Chris Woodward walked and Ellsbury singled, but Pedroia flew out to end the inning.

Yankees – Ramon Ramirez replaced Bard. Cano flew out for the first out, then Eric Hinske who was batting for Hairston walked. With Melky batting a wild pitch put Hinske on 2nd, but Melky would ground out, and Papelbon would come in and get Jeter to strike out to end the inning.

11th inning

Red Sox – Aceves would retire the side 1-2-3 as Martinez struck out, Youkilis popped up, and Ortiz grounded out.

Yankees – Damon grounds out, Teixeira flies out, and Rodriguez strikes out…3 up 3 down.

12th inning

Red Sox – Drew and Varitek would start the inning by both striking out, followed by Reddick who grounded out…3 up 3 down.

Yankees – Manny Delcarmen replaces Papelbon. Matsui pops out, Posada walks, Cano pops out, Hinske walks, and then Melky pops out to end the inning. (funny pattern of pop outs followed by walks)

13th inning

Red Sox -Brian Bruney comes in to replace Alfredo Aceves, uh oh. Woodward strikes out, Ellsbury pops out, and Pedroia strikes out. Good Bruney.

Yankees – Takashi Saito replaces Delcarmen. Jeter grounds out, Damon pops out, Teixeira walks, but Rodriguez flies out.

14th inning

Red Sox – Martinez flies out for out number 1. Youkilis singles (bad Bruney), Ortiz grounds out (good Bruney) but no double play, Bruney intentionally walks Drew to face Varitek who grounds out for out number 3.

Yankees – The Red Sox put in Junich Tazawa to replace Saito. Tazawa makes his major league debut in the 14th inning of a 0-0 game at Yankee stadium, and the first batter that he faces is Hideki Matsui who he grew up watching, pretty crazy right? Anyway, Matsui lines out, Posada singles, Cano singles, now 1st and 2nd for Eric Hinske. Ramiro Pena pinch runs for Posada at 2nd, Hinske hits a sharp line drive to right which looked like it would end the game, but Drew makes a great play. 2 outs, still 1st and 2nd, Melky at the plate. Melky would end up striking out to end the inning, but in that at bat he hit a hard line drive to right field that missed being fair by an inch.

15th inning

Red Sox– Jose Molina takes over at catcher, Phil Coke replaces Brian Bruney. Reddick called out on strikes, Woodward flies out, Ellsbury flies out…3 up 3 down.

Yankees – Jeter singles to start the inning, then Damon bunt pops out on a very questionable play. Teixeira strikes out, 2 outs, man on first for Alex Rodriguez. Rodriguez took the first pitch for a ball, then the 2nd for a strike, and the 3rd for another strike…but then on the 4th pitch he hit a line drive home run left center to win the game 2-0!

Rodriguez walk off

Of course A-Rod got pied by AJ Burnett, although he didn’t get much in his face. I guess AJ was tired after pitching  such a great game, and then sticking around in the dugout to watch the rest.

AJ pie

I think the Red Sox are quite worried now that the Yankees have a 4.5 game lead in the AL East, and the Sox only have a 1 game lead in the wild card with Texas right behind them, and today the Yankees send CC to hill to oppose Clay Buchholz, it looks like this match up favors the Yankees who happen to have the best record in the Major Leagues right now at 67-42, the Dodgers have the second best at 67-43.

Arod pie

4 thoughts on “The Greatest Game of The Season

  1. AMAZING! That is the word to describe last night’s game. Alex ended his homer less streak at a perfect time as he hit number 573 to beat the Red Sox again. I don’t know how to put it into words but last night’s game was simply great. I watched all 15 innings because I couldn’t miss a moment of it and I’m glad I watched it all because it was a win to remember!

  2. It should be an instant classic on the YES Network for the greatest regular season game I ever seen in my lifetime!!! I never saw a 0-0 game heading into the 15th inning and winning in dramatic fashion in the bottom of the 15th inning!! I am being honest Chris as a Yankees fan, Red Sox versus Yankees is great, but against another team I don’t care as much!!!

  3. There is one roster move today!! Mark Melancon got sent down to Triple-A Scranton Wilkes Barre Yankees while Damaso Marte got placed on the 60-day D.L. while Josh Towers got called up from the Triple-A Scranton Wilkes Barre Yankees!!!

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