161st Street mentioned on the Joe Girardi Show

In the most recent Joe Girardi Show, Joe answered a question that I sent in via Twitter. My question happened to be:

my question

Girardi answered with the typical answer, nothing groundbreaking so I won’t bother writing it out, but I just thought it was funny that they picked my question, especially considering that was the first time I had ever summitted a question. If you want to check out the video of it, click here. My question comes up 2 minutes and 5 seconds into the video, if you would like to just skip to it.

Anyway, this brings up a new question of mine. Would you guys like to like to submit questions to Joe Girardi via 161st Street? For example, you could leave a few questions in the comment section and I would send them in via Twitter, and hopefully one or two get answered every once in a while. It’s just a suggestion, let me know how you feel.

10 thoughts on “161st Street mentioned on the Joe Girardi Show

  1. Yeah I would love to send in some questions for Joe. I have a twitter for my blog too so next time you send in a question I’ll send one too. Finally 161st Street got its 5 seconds of fame! Very cool!

  2. I heard that Phil Hughes will stay in the bullpen according to the Mike Francesa show today on WFAN according to Brian Cashman because he haven’t been stretched out and throwing an average the most 25 pitches lately!! I am sorry to tell you this Chris because Sergio Mitre makes me sweat but I don’t got any trust in Jason Johnson, Kei Igawa, Jason Hirsh and now Russ Ortiz!!

    • Oh, I now that Hughes isn’t going back to the rotation this year. Mike Francesa isn’t breaking any news. And I feel the same way as you with Sergio Mitre, and the rest of the guys you mentioned.

      At this point I feel these are the only options (listed from best to worst):
      1. Phil Hughes goes back into the rotation…not happening, so why bother even discussing it.
      2. Alfredo Aceves takes over the 5th spot. Well, I don’t know if he could because he supposedly is coming off a sore shoulder, but he did look okay last night.
      3. Mitre, Ortiz, Igawa, and Johnson…not very comfortable with any of these guys.

  3. The Yankees acquired Chad Gaudin from the San Diego Padres in the waiver trade deadline for a couple of minor leaguers!!!

  4. Okay thanks!! Can the Yankees sent down Anthony Claggett please? I am more comfortable with Mark Melancon but where is Brian Bruney anyway?

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