Analyzing the trade deadline in the Yankees perspective

What other teams did…

Boston Red Sox – While the Red Sox did make some big trades yesterday, fortunately for the Yankees, they did not make a huge trade. Yes, they did get Victor Martinex from the Indians for Justin Masterson, Nick Hagadone, and Bryan Price. And no offense to any of the three guys Boston traded, but it looks like Boston got the better end of this deal. But, is Victor Martinez really going to push the Red Sox past the Yankees? When you heard the Red Sox acquired Victor Martinez, were you as worried as you would have been if you heard they got Roy Halladay, Cliff Lee, or even Adrian Gonzalez? I know I wasn’t.

The Red Sox also traded recently acquired Adam LaRoche to the Braves for Casey Kotchman. This move still makes me scratch my head. Both LaRoche and Kotchman are first baseman, and LaRoche is a more productive hitter than Kotchman, despite the fact that Kotchman has a higher average. On the year LaRoche is batting .248 with 13 home runs and 43 RBI’s. Kotchman is batting .282 with 6 home runs and 41 RBI’s. So basically they are both very similar. Defensively, they are both very good fielders, but Kotchman is probably a bit better.

Toronto Blue Jays – Well, they did a lot yesterday by not doing anything, more specifically they didn’t trade Roy Halladay. As a GM I don’t know how you can put a guy on the trading block like Ricciardi did with Halladay, and then end up not trading the guy. That really has to mess with Halladay’s head, he went through three weeks of a wacky roller coaster ride, and ended up in the same place after it was all said and done. In addition, Ricciardi said that Halladay could be made available again in the off season, and hei hopes to get better offers than he got this time. Why in the world would he get better offers? Halladay is going to be a few months older, and on the contract he is currently on, he is only going to with a team for one playoff run, instead of two.

The Chicago White Sox – At the end of the day, the White Sox had to have made the most unexpected trade of the year. They traded Aaron Poreda, Clayton Richard, Adam Russell, and Dexter Carter for Jake Peavy of the Padres. Does this sound oddly familiar to you? Well, it’s because the White Sox made this trade earlier this year but Peavy vetoed it. This time Peavy accepted the deal. I guess he realized the White Sox really want him, and the Padres really wanted to trade him. Anything can happen in baseball.

The Pittsburgh PiratesfiresaleThe Pirates conducted a massive fire sale. With all the guys they traded, I wonder who Pirates fans have left to cheer for. Let’s look at some of the major players they traded away…Adam LaRoche, Ian Snell, Jack Wilson, Tom Gorzelanny, John Grabow, and Freddy Sanchez. Wow, these trades better work out in the future or the Pirates are in deep trouble.

What the Yankees did (and didn’t do)…

hairston jrThis year the Yankees were pretty much quiet at the deadline. However, they did acquire Jerry Hairston Jr. from the Reds in exchange for minor league catcher Chase Weems. Hairston can play every position except catcher and pitcher, so he should provide excellent versatility for the Yankees. Hairston also provides speed off the bench for the Yankees, something they are missing with Brett Gardner out. It looks like the Yankees plan to keep Cody Ransom around along with Hairston, which probably means Shelley Duncan will be DFA after coming up for one day. If the Yankees do indeed follow this plan, I for one will be confused. What’s the point of having two utility guys around?

Many people expected the Yankees to acquire a 5th starter yesterday, but Brian Cashman  did not do that. Instead, he stuck with Sergio Mitre who re-payed the Yankees by going 3 innings and allowing 5 runs. It’s pretty obvious that Mitre is not the answer. Cashman feels that he can get a fifth starter even though the deadline is over. Marc Carig has this quote from Brian Cashman:

“I think over the years, this trade deadline is no longer even in existence… The waiver stuff is not going to prevent deals in August. Guys are going to get through because people are going to be afraid to claim and get stuck with money that they can’t afford. And so the July 31 trade deadline is more of a fictitious one now, anyway.”

Hopefully Cashman can do something about the 5th starters spot. My suggestion would still be to put Hughes back into the rotation, and it could be that the Yankees are secretely stretching him out (lately his pitch count has been increasing in every appearance he makes), but who knows.

4 thoughts on “Analyzing the trade deadline in the Yankees perspective

  1. I am confused why the Yankees got another utility player!! Now the Yankees got Eric Hinske, Jerry Hairston Jr. and Cody Ransom!! Who will get defrancished? I hope it is Cody Ransom instead of Shelley Duncan but I really wanted the Yankees to get a better fifth starter via trade or stretch out Phil Hughes but it will take time but can we get a reliever or a starter in the waiver deadline starting today-August 31st!! I don’t trust Sergio Mitre at all especially his next start is against the Boston Red Sox at Yankee Stadium!!!

    • If the Yankees DFA Cody Ransom, then the move to acquire Hairston makes sense as he is an upgrade over Ransom. But if they don’t DFA Ransom, then I will be confused. As far as the 5th starter goes, they still have time to get one (even though they have one right in their bullpen) and Cashman is confident that he can get passed the whole waiver issue.

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  3. Cody Ransom is still on the team why!! Why Nick Swisher can’t play first base while Texieira DH or Eric Hinske play the outfield or first base if Texieira DH!!

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