Game 102: White Sox, Yankees 2

Andy Pettitte

Don’t blame it on Andy. The pitching last night was great, Andy Pettitte who started went 6.1 and allowed 2 runs, 1 earned. Hughes then came in to toss 2 innings. But, Hughes scoreless innings streak ended as he gave up a run last night making a 2-2 game, a 3-2 game in favor of the White Sox. Hughes would eventually go down for the loss.

On the offensive side, Johnny Damon knocked in the first run of the game for the Yanks in the 6th inning by hitting a single (turned into a double on a bad throw) to drive in Jose Molina who doubled earlier in the inning. The second Yankee run came off the bat of Nick Swisher who hit a solo home run in the 9th to tie the game up at 2, in which looked to be a clutch homer to put the momentum in the Yanks hand, but it didn’t turn out that way.


Pete Abe wonders if the Yankees are stretching out Hughes, here is Hughes’ line since July 23rd:

July 23: 2.0 innings, 28 pitches
July 24: off
July 25: off
July 26: 1.1 innings, 39 pitches
July 27: off
July 28: off
July 29: off
July 30: 2.0 innings, 35 pitches

As much as I would like the Yankees to be stretching out Hughes, I don’t think that is the case here. But, if Hughes comes out in a few days and throws 3 innings or 45 pitches (which ever one happens to come first) I will get suspicious.

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