161st Street hits the DL

Dear kind readers,

This Monday (July 13th), I will be leaving for Norway, for family reasons (plus my family also wants to vacation there, and they want me with them). I expect to return on Thursday the 23rd. During this period of time, I will not have Internet access so I will not be able to make any updates to the blog. I will also not be able to watch Yankee games while I am there. I’m very sorry that I will have no coverage of the following games/events:

July 12th: Yankees at Angels (I’ll probably be packing)

July 13th: The Home Run Derby

July 14th: The All Star Game

July 15th: Scheduled off day

July 16th: Scheduled off day

July 17th: Tigers at Yankees

July 18th: Tigers at Yankees

July 19th: Tigers at Yankees (plus the Old Timers game)

July 20th: Orioles at Yankees

July 21st: Orioles at Yankees

July 22nd: Orioles at Yankees

July 23rd: Athletics at Yankees

July 24th: Athletics at Yankees

July 25th: Athletics at Yankees

I am very sorry that I will not have any posts during the aforementioned period of time, but there are plenty of other great Yankee blogs for you guys to read for full coverage of the Yankees. To name a few:

Friday Nite Yanks run by our friend Tom.

River Ave Blues run by Mike Axisa, Benjamin Kabak, and Joseph Pawlikowski.

The LoHud Yankees Blog run by Peter Abraham.

Yakkin’ About The Yankees run by frequent commentator, Riz (he may be away right now)

Keeping up with the Jones run by Kimberly Jones

On July 26th, 161st Street will be back in business. Expect full regular coverage of the Yankees, like I usually have on my blog!

Once again, I apologize that I won’t be blogging for a while, but one thing I know is that when I do get back to New York I will be chomping at the bit, recharged, and ready to blog about my favorite team, the New York Yankees. I wish the Yankees the best of luck while I’m away, and hopefully I’m not completely disconnected from them while I’m gone. Let’s go Yankees!

– Chris Arroyo

3 thoughts on “161st Street hits the DL

  1. Thanks for the mention on the post! I returned to my blog Tuesday by the way. I took a personal day after my vacation and also my computer was down so I had to find another computer to use to post my blog. Maybe when you come back we can go to a SI Yankee game.

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