Game 85: Yankees 6, Twins 4

Bye Bye Metrodome. (Photo: The view from the press box, picture taken by Peter Abraham)

Bye Bye Metrodome. (Photo: The view from the press box, picture taken by Peter Abraham)

Earlier today the Yankees defeated the Twins, taking the season sweep versus Minnesota. It was also the Yankees last game ever to be played at the Metrodome (unless the two teams meet in the playoffs), and while the building won’t be dearly missed, I thought it had some charm. Anyway, on to the game recap.

On the offensive side Cody Ransom and Brett Gardner each had 2 RBI’s. Cody’s RBI’s came on a bases loaded walk in the 2nd, and and a single to drive in Posada in the 4th. Gardner’s RBI’s came on a force play in the 2nd, and a single to score Cano in the 4th. The other two runs that the Yankees scored came off a single by Jeter, and a solo home run by Teixeira (breaking his streak of 95 at bats without a homer).

On the pitching side, it wasn’t beautiful but it got the job done. Aceves started the game and went 3.1 innings allowing 4 runs, 3 earned. He would have done better if it weren’t for some shoddy defense. Anyway, Aceves gave way to David Robertson who actually was the one to allow two of Aceves to score, both on bases loaded walks. If you actually watched him pitch today, you would realize he was terrible, but from the box score he looked fine (going 1 inning allowing no runs). After D-Rob left, Albaladejo came in and went 1.2 innings and allowed no runs, he ended up with the win. Coke followed Albaladejo to get 2 outs and then give way to Hughes who finished off the 7th and pitched the 8th, once again Hughes did not allow a run.  Then who else but the great Mariano Rivera came in to save the game in the 9th. Here’s the full box score.

Tomorrow the Yankees send out Joba Chamberlain who looks to get his act together (*maybe he should try throwing strikes, I hear that works*) in Anaheim against the pesky Angels who always seem to be a good, solid team. The Yankees will be opposed by Joe Saunders. First pitch is scheduled for 10:05 pm Eastern time, and you can catch the game on YES or WCBS 880.

Peter Abraham’s photo

4 thoughts on “Game 85: Yankees 6, Twins 4

  1. Winning of 13 out of 15 is even higher than anyone’s expectations. Let’s hope we can keep the moment with the Angels, always a tough matchup for the Bombers. It would be nice to see the Dr. Hyde part of Joba on the hill tomorrow (the Mr. Jekyll is ugly!).

    • I couldn’t agree more about Joba. It’s like he forgot how to throw strikes and be aggressive. He also is missing velocity on his fastball, which may not be a big deal since he still throws hard, but I think the missing velocity may be a result of him being in the pen in 07 and part of 08 (and I hope this doesn’t happen to Hughes).

  2. Or is it due to Joba having shoulder tendinitis last year and still haven’t recovered!! I think Joba Chamberlain is out of shape but what do I know!! Joba Chamberlain needs to throw strikes on the corners and not waste pitches all the time with no runners on base in trying to strike people out on an innings limit and a pitch count also!!

    • At first I too thought that Joba might still have shoulder tendinitis, but in my opinion the Yankees are over-sensitive with their pitchers, and they would never let Joba pick up a baseball if they had any idea that he may be hurt.

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