Off Day Musings (3rd Edition)

odm 3rd

Right now everything is going well in Yankee Universe, winning seems to do that. After losing series to both the Nationals and the Marlins, things weren’t looking so good, and many were calling for Girardi’s head. However, since then things got back on track and the Yankees took 2 out of 3 from the Braves, and swept the lowly Mets. Today the Yankees are off, and they are gearing up for 7 game home stand, in which they play the Mariners 3 times and the Blue Jays 4 times. After that the Yankees set out for a road trip to Minnesota then Anaheim before the All Star Break begins. Let’s not get to ahead of ourselves though, because for now we should just be enjoying an off day, but I know there are many people out there (myself included) who don’t like off days because they want to see Yankee baseball every day. While, I can’t do anything about the Yankees not playing, I can hopefully quench your thirst for baseball with a few stories, links, and rumors.

Mo 500th save

Rivera the great reaches his 500th save

Last night Mariano recorded his 500th Major League save, 2nd on the all time list to Trevor Hoffman who has 571 saves. Despite how great Hoffman is, we all know that Mariano is the greatest reliever of all time. What makes Mo great is that his only goal is to help his team win, he is not trying to set records or anything. After last night’s game, things got emotional as every member of the Yankees gave Mo a hug. All of his teammates were so happy for him, some people got some memorabilia. Cody Ransom got to take home the bat that Mo used in the at bat in which he got his first Major League RBI. Chien-Ming Wang asked Mo to sign a ball to give to his son, JJ Wang, so that JJ would always know that his father played with the great Mariano Rivera. He truly is unbelievable. Recently, ESPN sat down with Mariano for an interview, it was a few days before he actually got his 500th save. It definitely is worth a watch, it was just amazing to see how humble Mariano really is. Check it out.

Should I stay or should I go?

According to PeteAbe, Jose Molina is set to return to the big league roster very soon. He was with the team yesterday, and he did some base-running drills. Now he will begin a rehab assignment that should last for about a week before he rejoins the Yankees. The big question though is, “What to do with Fransisco Cervelli?” There are only a few options:

  • Carry 3 catchers – One option is to carry Jose Molina and Fransisco Cervelli, along with Jorge Posada. In this option, somebody obviously has to be either sent down or DFA. Ramiro Pena sent down? Brett Tomko DFA? I’m not crazy about this option.
  • Send the kid to AAA – Another option is to carry just Jose Molina and Jorge Posada, and to send Fransisco Cervelli to AAA. This would be a tough call, Cervelli calls a great game, the pitchers love him, and he brings a spark to the team. I really don’t know if this is the right option, I’m 50-50 on this.
  • Trade Jose Molina – The final option is to trade Jose Molina and carry Jorge Posada and Fransisco Cervelli. To me this seems kind of harsh to Molina, plus what do you do if Jorge or Cervelli gets hurt, Kevin Cash? Maybe? Jose Molina has done nothing to deserve being traded, the pitchers love throwing to him just like Cervelli. If they were to trade Molina, I doubt they would get much in return, but there should be some teams out there that would like to have him. I really am unsure on what to do with this whole situation, but that’s why I’m not the general manager. However, feel free to pretend that you are Brian Cashman, and comment on the move you would make.

Huston Street?

The rumors keep on burning that Huston Street will be a Yankee. I still feel the same way on him, I’d absolutely love to have him in the bullpen as he would provide an 8th inning fix, and possibly even a future closer since he has already been closing ballgames, but the thing is that I don’t think he is worth the price that the Rockies are going to want for him. He only becomes more expensive now that the Rockies are winning ballgames left and right. How to you feel about the Huston Street comments? Feel free to comment.

How to get your baseball fix?

Well as you know the Yankees are not playing today, but that doesn’t mean you can’t watch baseball today. Here are some notable games set to take place tonight:

Boston @ Baltimore (NESN, MASN) 7:05

Lester goes for Boston

Berker goes for Baltimore

Tampa Bay @ Toronto (SUN, TSN) 7:07

Niemann goes for Tampa Bay

Halladay goes for Toronto

NY Mets @ Milwaukee (ESPN, FSWI) 7:08

Nieve goes for New York

Looper goes for Milwaukee

Update: I just realized this was my 100th post. Pretty cool.

17 thoughts on “Off Day Musings (3rd Edition)

  1. Congrats Mo! Not only did Mo reach a milestone he finished a sweep of the Mets. Today’s a well deserved off day for the Yankees.

  2. This is pretend Brian Cashman here and I say trade Molina even if you get some prospects and some cash for him take those prospects and that cash bundle it up with a guy like Phil Hughes or Wanger (Phillies are interested) and get someone a lot better. Also on the Wang issue if the Phillies want him they better be willing to pay through the nose to get him. The only players I would take for him is any one or any combination of the following: Victorino, Ibanez, and or Cole Hamels.

    • Haha, keep dreaming! The Yankees wouldn’t even be able to touch Victorino, Ibanez, or Hamels. Brian Cashman has made Hughes untouchable in the trade market, by the way. You can keep dreaming though, nobody is stopping you, haha!

      Also there is no way the Yankees could get “some prospects” for Molina. He has a large contract, so most teams would see it as a salary dump.

      You can keep making these suggestions though, I truly enjoying reading them and they spark conversations.

  3. I also enjoyed dreaming that situation up. Hey if it did happen that would be CrAzY!!! Let me know if you want any more of my stories…lol

    • You are always welcome to elaborate on your crazy stories.

      By the way, can you reply to comments like I dud to yours above (see how my comment is slightly indented) or can only I reply?

  4. Alright here I go again as pretend Brian Cashman. Let’s take Wang, Molina, and Ransom and put them in a trade as a package or separate trades. Trade Wang for some bullpen arms or another starter possibly from Philadelphia. Trade Molina to either the Giants or the Cardinals to be with one of his brothers and get a Cardinal or Giant player or some cash which can be used to acquire another player later. Now if you send Molina to St. Louis you package him up with Ransom and get Mark DeRosa by himself or DeRosa and someone else. I’m starting to like being pretend Brian Cashman, maybe we can make this into a new segment.

  5. great job on the off-day post Chris. I’ve enjoyed watching you quickly become very comfortable posting in such a short time.

    I think it’s a lot of fun to be able to watch history or legendary players like Mariano (or Jeter) given all the great Yankees we did not get to see everyday due to the generation gap (Gehrig, Mantle, Dimaggio etc.). Mo has got all those saves in our lifetime or the last 12 years or so and helped win so many big games as well as the every day ones.

    The catcher dilemma is a tough one. I vote to keep Cervelli up here no matter what.

    Had no clue on the Huston Street rumor so thanks for that one. I would not pay a really high price though as we are finally healthy. now can we stay that way??

    • Thank you complimenting my post Tom!

      It has been so much for watching Mo close out ballgames over the years. All Yankee fans have become spoiled because of him, and I can’t even imagine what we are going to do when we don’t have him anyway.

      About the whole catching issue, I am really undecided on it. Part of me wants Cervelli to stay here no matter what (that means trading Molina if necessary), and another part of me says Cervelli should go down to AAA to continue his development. I’m really stuck on this issue.

    • Huston Street would be a nice addition to an already pretty strong bullpen. I agree with Tom on the matter that they need to keep Cervelli in the Majors at any cost if they want this pitching staff to keep doing well. Posada’s the veteran but these pitchers really seem to like Cervelli and if he goes to the minors the Yankees might have some unhappy pitchers on their hands.

      • I’m not disagreeing with you on not sending Cervelli down, but I don’t think the pitchers would be unhappy if he was sent down. You can’t forget that Jose Molina was probably the best defensive catcher in the Majors last year, and he too calls a great game. The pitchers get along great with him, remember him and Mussina?

        However, I am not saying Cervelli should be sent down.

  6. Mussina’s gone and Molina is a great catcher don’t get me wrong but the Yankees have other catching prospects such as P.J. Pilittere in AAA. So Molina leaving wouldn’t be the end of the world for the bombers.

  7. hey its giambisboy4 from bronxhomers.
    you mentioned the Yankees have other catching prospects such as P.J. Pilittere in AAA. Not sure they are so high on him though

  8. Also,
    The Yanks should pursue Street. He was a rock solid closer in college and has just enough to make things happen.
    He is probably available at a reduced price also. Just need to hope he does not get injured.

    • I agree that Street would be nice, but he price will be far from “reduced.” At the beginning of the season his price was already quite high, now it is even higher because the Rockies won 20 out of 23 and are still a playoff candidate.

  9. The Yankees got Eric Hinske from the Pirates for Eric Fryer and Casey Erickson who got sent to the Pirates!!! I thought the Yankees got Eric Fryer in the Chase Wright deal and now the Yankees dealt him away to another organization!! What that means? Is Ramiro Pena going to be sent down or the Yankees going to defranchise Cody Ransom?

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