Game 75: Yankees at Mets

Tonight the Yankees look to defeat the Mets for a sweep of the series. The Yankees won the previous two games in the series with great pitching and timely hitting. It also doesn’t hurt that the Mets can not hit, can not field, and their pitching is mediocre. When your second best pitcher is Livan Hernandez you know youre in trouble. Livan has been surprisingly good for the Mets this year, sporting a 4.05 ERA. However, in his one start against the Bombers this year, he went 5.1 innings and allowed 6 runs. I’m sure the Yankees are willing to take that again, and here is the lineup via PeteAbe they send out in hopes of doing just that:

SS Derek Jeter

RF Nick Swisher

1B Mark Teixeira

3B Alex Rodriguez

2B Robinson Cano

LF Melky Cabrera

CF Brett Gardner

RHP Chien-Ming Wang

I'm going to keep using this picture because I'm really feeling it.

I'm going to keep using this picture because I'm really feeling it.

Call a doctor

You know the story, a flu has been spreading through the Yankees clubhouse. The newest victim is Phil Hughes, and Mark Teixeira isn’t feeling 100% either. Anyway, I’m trying to keep track of all the players who have or had this flu (several coaches reportedly also have the flu): So far I have Hideki Matsui, Melky Cabrera, Derek Jeter, Johnny Damon, and Phil Hughes down as players who have or had the flu.


Phillies interested in Chien-Ming Wang

Frequent commentator Steven Cheung pointed out that ESPN Rumor Central says that the Phillies like Chien-Ming Wang. You can read the story here, but the full story requires insider access, which I don’t have. My take on it: Now would be the worst time to trade Wang because his trade value is down from his horrific start of the the 2009 campaign. Even when his value goes back up, I see no reason to trade Wang unless the Phillies overwhelm Brian Cashman with an offer too good to refuse. You can never have enough starting pitching. If Wang was to be traded, I would assume Hughes goes back into the rotation. If that’s the case, what do you if Hughes or Wang or any other rotation member struggles for that matter? What do you do when Joba and Hughes both reach their innings limit (Joba’s is about 150-160, Hughes is more unknown but is believed to be around 180)? Chien-Ming Wang should not be traded unless the Yankees get an amazing return, which I see as 99.9% not happening.

Just won’t die

The rumors of Huston Street to the Yankees are still well and alive. I still feel the same way, I would love to have Street in the Yankees pen, but I think the Rockies asking price will not be worth it. Maybe Brian Cashman has a trick up is sleeve. We will just have to wait and see.

7 thoughts on “Game 75: Yankees at Mets

  1. Wanger’s going to shake off the rust tonight to sweep the Mets. It’s a big time game and Wang will shine and keep his spot in the rotation.

  2. Wang pitched 6 1/3 Innings and looked great! He left with a lead and it guarantees that he won’t go to 0 – 7! He can only go up from here because we all know he can’t hit a lower point. He’s pretty much at rock bottom right about now. The Wang Years continue!

    • He didn’t look terrible, but I would definetlely not say he looked “great.” He’s taking baby steps towards vintage Wang. I love Wang but I will say he was lucky to only allow 2 runs tonight.

  3. That’s is true but Chien-Ming Wang still had his sinker or fastball high in the zone with his location on the two runs the Mets scored with RBI’s hits!! But that was an ugly game yesterday night with 11 walks and the Yankees could only score four runs with Robinson Cano hitting into a double play one time and another time with the bases loaded with two outs!! Mariano Rivera drew a bases loaded RBI’s off K-Rod or Francisco Rodriguez and got his 500 save!!

  4. K-Rod Walking Mo was hilarious and to add insult to injury Castillo and Cora dropped another ball behind K-Rod! Congrats go to Mo on save # 500. K-Rod got to see the master at work last night and maybe he can learn a thing or two.

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