Game 74: Yankees at Mets

Last night the Yankees defeated the Mets by the score of 9-1, with the help of the Mets terrible defense. Their entire infield each made an error, well except for Luis Castillo (ironic right?) who I feel has already done his share. CC pitched well and showed no signs of the muscle soreness that bothered him in his last start. Brett Gardner had the night of his life, he was a double short of the cycle and if you think about it he should have gotten it because on one of his singles CC was on first base and any other runner would have advanced to third and Brett would have easily made it to second. Oh well. Anyway, tonight the Yankees look to secure a series win as they face Tim Redding and the Mets. You may remember Redding in his short 1 inning stint with the Yankees in which he gave up 6 runs, that was the end of him. Anyhow, here’s the starting lineup via PeteAbe :

CF Brett Gardner

RF Nick Swisher

1B Mark Teixeira

3B Alex Rodriguez

2B Robinson Cano

C Jorge Posada

LF Melky Cabrera

SS Ramiro Pena

RHP A.J. Burnett


Paging Doctor Robert (Beatles reference)

Johnny Damon joins the list of Yankees who are/were under the weather. Other members of that list inlcude Matsui, Melky Cabrera, and Derek Jeter. What’s going on here, you would think the Yankees could control this better.

Pat Venditte finally climbs the ladder

Pat Venditte (the Yankees ambidextrous pitcher who nobody really feels is a prospect, but continues to get hitters out) was promoted to Tampa (Class A Advanced). This is good for him because he is not that young (24) for his level and he can’t continue to just dominate 20 year olds, he needs to either prove he can get more experienced hitters out or prove that he can’t.

Nady needs Tommy John Surgery

Just in case you missed it, Nady needs TJ surgery. He really wanted to come back, that’s why he tried alternative methods but they failed. He is a free agent after the season and it is unlikely the Yankees will re-sign him, especially because his agent is named Scott Boras. I still feel the way I felt last night when I heard the news, very disappointed. Will Brian Cashman make a trade now that Nady isn’t coming back, who knows.

Musings on Huston Street

Marc Craig wonders whether Huston will be fitting on Yankee pinstripes in the near future. I like the idea very much, but I don’t think the Rockies want to trade anyone right now, they have been on a hot streak and probably don’t want to mess it up. Maybe once they cool down, they will be more open to trading Street. However, I still don’t think he’ll come cheap. According to Marc Craig the Yankees have been interested in Street since May. While I like the idea, to me it has to be for the right price.

8 thoughts on “Game 74: Yankees at Mets

  1. Nice Doctor pic! Brett is going to take advantage of his time in the lineup and have some more career nights like he did last night at Citi Field.

  2. Nice Doctor Pictures Chris!! The Yankees should pound Tim Redding or else I will be disappointed because the Yankees need to win series and keep pace with the Boston Red Sox!!!

    • That’s what I mean by saying the Mets-Yankees rivarly is overhyped and overblown. Tell me why a win against the Mets is so important. Obviously any win is important, but certain wins are more effective and you could even say more important. For example a win against the Blue Jays is technically more important than a win against the Mets because a win a against the Jays puts another win in the Yankees record and another loss in the Jays record, a division member who the Yankees have to fight with for first place. Meanwhile a win against the Mets only helps the Yankees in the fact that they gain another win in their win column, but a Mets loss means nothing to the Yankees because the Mets are in a completely different league.

      I hope you understand what I said, my wording may be a bit confusing.

  3. It is definitely overhyped but everything in NY is. It’s a rivalry but a healthy one at that. A.J. struck out 10 and was on FIRE! The starting rotation is really coming around and the bats are heating up.

  4. The Yankees need to beat the division rivals such as the Tampa Bay Rays, Boston Red Sox, Baltimore Orioles and the Toronto Blue Jays are important games in a Yankees schedule along with the rest of the American League schedule!! But the Mets game are for bragging rights in that particular season for the people of New York City Metropolitan Area and the rest of the country who are Yankees and Mets fans!! And A.J. Burnett is dominant now but Michael Kay jinx A.J. Burnett no-hitter in the sixth!!!

  5. There is a rumor going around that the Phillies like Chien-Ming Wang on ESPN rumor central!! I know the Phillies are desperate for starting pitching but I don’t know how good is the Phillies farm system and their prospects anyway!! I hope the Yankees don’t trade Chien-Ming Wang because I rather have too much starting pitching than too little for the Yankees!!

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