Game 73: Yankees at Mets


The Yankees look to take over the Mets' new cavernous home, Citi Field

The Yankees look to take over the Mets' new cavernous home, Citi Field

Round 2 of the 2009 Subway Series begins tonight as the Yankees and CC Sabathia take on the Mets and Mike Pelfrey. The Yankees took round 1 of the Subway Series taking 2 out of 3 from the Mets, but the Yankees really only earned one win in that series with the other win coming as a result of a dropped pop up by Luis Castillo, and I thank him for that. This time around the Yankees hope to earn their wins against the cross town rivals. The pitching matchups look pretty good for the Yankees during this series with CC vs Pelfrey tonight, A.J. vs Redding tomorrow, and Wang vs. Livan on Sunday. Okay maybe the Sunday doesn’t favor the Yankees tremendously but I feel confident with Wang. Anyway, let’s just worry about tonight as the Yankees send out the following lineup via PeteAbe to face Mike Pelfrey and the Mets:

SS Derek Sanderson Jeter CF Brett M. Gardner

LF Johnny David Damon

1B Mark Charles Teixeira

3B Alex Emmanuel Rodriguez

2B Robinson Jose Cano

RF Melky Astacio Cabrera

CF Brett M. Gardner C Francisco Cervelli

C Francisco Cervelli SS Derek Jeter

LHP Carsten Charles Sabathia

The bottom of that lineup looks a little weak with both Swisher and Posada not playing, no big deal though.

Nady suffers a setback

Xavier Nady was playing for Scranton last night and he left the game in the 5th inning after making a throw from right field. At the moment the Yankees haven’t said much about it but it doesn’t look good to me. “We don’t know what he did yet but it could be the worst-case scenario,” general manager Brian Cashman said. “He felt something and that is what we were concerned about.” “I want to talk to X and see how he feels,” Cashman said. “But it didn’t sound good.” According to PeteAbe Nady is heading to California to see Dr. Yocum. It doesn’t sound good but let’s just hope for the best because not getting Nady back for the rest of the year would really hurt.

Happy Birthday Derek!

Derek Jeter turns 35 today, man he is getting old, but he is still productive and is having a surprisingly decent maybe even good year defensively.

Andy Phillips signs with Japan

Do you remember Andy Phillips? He played for said on the team’s official Web site. “I’ll do every thing I can to help the team win a championship.” Good for him and I wish him the best of luck, Japan has to be better than AAA and now he has a chance to really prove himself and have fun on a competitive team.

Update 6:30

Jeter scratched because he is feeling under the weather. Same illness that Melky and Hideki have/had. I made the corresponding changes to the lineup above. By the way it’s raining in New York again. It looks like we could be in for a long delay. I feel like we live in Seatle.

Update 6:55
Xavier Nady is done for the season. He needs Tommy John surgery. This is really dissapointing but I can’t say I didn’t see this coming. I have yet to really digest the news, right nowim just really dissapointed and even sad. I really like Nady but it looks like his Yankee days are over, he is a free agent after the season and I doubt the Yankees would want to resign him considering his 2010 is partly is doubt since TJ surgery recovering takes about a year. I’m really disappointed.

Update 7:30

First pitch scheduled for 8:00.

11 thoughts on “Game 73: Yankees at Mets

  1. Wooo! Subway Series Part 2! This should be good. The Yankees will continue the beating they laid on the Mets at the stadium! By the way I have a new post up.

  2. Andy Phillips. What a blast from the past. I’m going to add that tidbit from your post to my retired numbers page if that’s o.k. with you.

  3. CC is on tonight! His perfect game is over (damn bitter Sheffield) but he’s got good stuff. Alex has made a couple great plays to help him out too.

    Wow, the Mets are a disgraceful team 3 errors in an inning.

  4. Citifield should have been called Taxpayer field or Debit field or shitifield but C.C. Sabathia got good stuff and location tonight and C.C. Sabathia got an RBI single to boot!! But the Mets made three errors in one inning and that made me laugh because the Mets couldn’t throw it to the right base or the target at hand!!!

    • Man the Mets are really a mess. They have no htting at all, even David Wright has only 4 home runs despite his .350 or so AVG. When a team doesn’t have good hitting, their defense must and I stress must be good to even think about winning games, and the Mets had horrible defense tonight. I can’t feel bad for them though because they are the cross town rivals (even though the rivarly is overhyped) and because their fans are just so annoying.

    • I could technically ask for a lot more:
      1. Finish first in the AL East with 110 wins
      2. Sweep the Angels/whoever in the AL Division Series
      3. Destroy the Red Sox in a sweep of the AL Championship Series
      4. Sweep the Phillies in the World Series and party every day and every night

      I’m just saying.

  5. Even Brett Gardner is closing on David Wright on home run balls!! Brett Gardner got three home runs while David Wright got only four home runs!! I admitted I enjoyed the Mets fan putting a paper bag over their head at the end of the game!!

  6. OK Chris. Maybe you could ask for more, but the Yankees, Brett specifically had a great night. Maybe being on the cover of Play Ball helped Brett out last night.

    • Brett had the night of his life. I don’t expect him to keep it going though, still for now why not ride the hot hand. He will cool down eventually, then the Yankees can put Melky in his spot who should do better than he has been doing because he would be able to rest his shoulder (which he injured in Texas and is still bothering him) while Brett is hot.

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