2009 Amateur Draft

Here we go, remember you can watch this on MLB Network.

First Round Selections

  1. Nationals –
  2. Stephen Strasburg SP. Big shocker. How long till he’s in the majors? If they can sign him.

  3. Mariners –
  4. Dustin Ackley OF. Has a good bat. Nice pick. He’s fast too.

  5. Padres –
  6. Donavan Tate OF. He’s a very good player, but he has signability issues. I thought he would fall lower in the draft. Well, if the Pads think he’s signable, go for it.

  7. Pirates –
  8. Jorge Sanchez C. I honestly don’t know much about him. He seems signable and he projects well.

  9. Orioles –
  10. Matthew Hobgood RHP. Big pitcher. He went a little early in the draft, I thought he’d drop more. Anyway, he is talented and durable.

  11. Giants –
  12. Zack Wheeler RHP. Good arm strength. Projectable. Inconsistent at times.

  13. Braves –
  14. Michael Minor LHP. His stuff doesn’t jump out at you, but he can really throw strikes. He’s a real pitcher.

  15. Reds –
  16. Michael Leake LHP. Not very big a 6′, but he can command 4 pitches.

  17. Tigers –
  18. Jacob Turner RHP. Big, strong, projectable. Good arm, a little wild.

  19. Nationals –
  20. Drew Storen RHP. Not too great control. Nice fastball and curveball. He’s a reliever.

  21. Rockies –
  22. Tyler Matzek LHP. He shouldn’t have fallen this far, must be signability. Very talented. They just interview him, he looked very nervous.

  23. Royals –
  24. Aaron Crow RHP. He’s great, that’s a very good pick for the Royals. He’s better than some of the guys already selected.

  25. A’s –
  26. Grant Green SS. Has the 5 tools. Scouts are bothered by his lack of energy at times. That’s weird.

  27. Rangers –
  28. Matthe Purke LHP. Great pitcher, skinny but very good mechanics. I was hoping he’d fall to the Yanks because he wants lots of money.

  29. Indians –
  30. Alex White RHP. Very good arm, but control problems.

  31. Diamondbacks –
  32. Bobby Borchering 3B. Tall, great bat, questions on defense. Compared to Chipper Jones, I don’t know yet, ha!

  33. Diamondbacks –
  34. AJ Pollock CF. He went earlier than expected.

  35. Marlins –
  36. Chad James LHP. Wiry, good projection. 6’4 190lbs.

  37. Cardinals –
  38. Shelby Miller RHP. Flamethrower (96 mph), nice short delivery. Very nice pick. He’s got a curve and a change.

  39. Blue Jays –
  40. Chad Jenkins RHP. Big, strong, durable. Power sink and slider. Tough guy, good makeup.

  41. Astros –
  42. Jiovanny Mier SS. Could be a good bat, athletic in the field. Pretty nice pick.

  43. Twins –
  44. Kyle Gibson RHP. Has a forearm injury, risky move. We will see how this turns out. He was linked to the Yankees. If not for the injury he should have gone in top 5.

  45. White Sox –
  46. Jared Mitchell OF. Two sport athlete, football and baseball. Pure athlete, probably a little raw.

  47. Angels –
  48. Randal Grichuk OF. Good hitter. Good fielder. Good runner. Solid overall. Angel type player.

  49. Angels –
  50. Michael Trout OF. He’s there in person, pretty cool. Compared to Biggio. Interview now. He’s excited! Nervous. Family is with him. That’s the way to do it.

  51. Brewers –
  52. Eric Arnett RHP. Big guy. Good delivery. 6’5.

  53. Mariners –
    Nicholas Franklin SS. Good bat. Decent Power. Overall good baseball player.
  54. Red Sox –
    Reymond Fuentes CF. Nephew of Carlos Beltran, hmm.
  55. Yankees –
    Slade Heathcott OF. He’s a center fielder out of high school. I like the pick very much. He is extremely talented, he just needs to get it all together. Some say he has off the field issues, but supposedly that’s not really true. Speedy. Hits for average. Hits for power. Good arm in the outfield. Good base stealer. Good defender. Plus you got to love the name.
  56. Rays –
    LeVon Washington 2B. I hope this move is not a response to the Akinora injury. Thats not a good way to draft. I honestly don’t know a thing about him.
  57. Cubs –
    Brett Jackson OF. Linked to the Yankees. Runs well. Decent hitter. He actually is a mix of Brett Gardner and Austin Jackson, ironic right?
  58. Rockies –
    Tim Wheeler OF. Contact hitter, not much power. Good base stealer. Has the tools to be good.

Check back tomorrow for a lengthy post on Slade Heathcott.

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