Rays at Yanks rained out

Tonight’s game was postponed. I hate rain-outs. Anyways I’ll keep you entertained with a few links.


Lebron James of baseball

Awesome article by Tom Verducci of SI on the 16 year old sensation, Bryce Harper. You should check out this video of him, to get an idea of what he is like. PS. He wants to be a Yankee.


Scheduled rotation via PeteAbe

Saturday vs. Tampa: Sabathia
Sunday vs. Tampa: Chamberlain
Monday vs. Tampa: Pettitte
Tuesday at Boston: Burnett
Wednesday at Boston: Wang
Thursday at Boston: Sabathia
Friday vs. Mets: Chamberlain
Saturday vs. Mets: Pettitte
Sunday vs. Mets: Burnett

Shelley Tweets

Yep, Shelley Duncan has a Twitter account. Here is the link. So does Nick Swisher, and CC Sabathia (well he hasn’t posted since April 30th, I can’t blame him). If you find anymore legit player Twitters let me know.

Poor Mets

Everything goes wrong for the cross-town, dumb cousin of the Yanks. Reyes is injured, Putz needs surgery, and on and on and on.

Glavine feels betrayed

Tom feels cheated of the chance to pitch.

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