Game 45: Yankees at Rangers

Today’s game in Texas is scheduled to start at 2:05. Usually Texas does not have many day games because of the severe heat, but they do today. However the high today in Arlington is only supposed to be 87 degrees, which is below average there. Here is the lineup Joe Girardi sends up against Matt Harrison:

DH Derek Jeter

LF Johnny Damon

1B Mark Teixeira

3B Alex Rodriguez

2B Robinson Cano

CF Melky Cabrera

RF Nick Swisher

SS Ramiro Pena

C Kevin Cash

And on the mound, Phil Hughes

Back where he almost achieved greatness

Phil Hughes will be back in Texas, where he no-hit the Rangers through 6.1 innings before leaving with a hamstring injury.

Why is he even playing?

I don’t really understand why Kevin Cash is even playing. I could understand having him catch 1 out of every 5 days, but Girardi is putting him in the lineup at a higher rate than that. He is a career .180 hitter, and he isn’t even holding up to that this season. Well, whatever.

Welcome back, to one of you

Mark Teixeira and Alex Rodriguez both used to suit up in a Rangers uniform. The Rangers fan might applaud Teixeira, but they will definitely boo Alex.

Update via Bryan Hoch

Brian Bruney is going back on the DL. This is not a good sign at all, I do not think he will be back anytime soon. We will just have to wait and see. A new pitcher will be here tomorrow, I hope to see Melancon.

Update on the game and callup
The Yankees defeated the Rangers 11-1. Phil Hughes tossed a stellar 8 inning shutout. David Robertson is coming up for the injured Brian Bruney.

4 thoughts on “Game 45: Yankees at Rangers

  1. I wanted Francisco Cervelli in the lineup most of the time not Kevin Cash at catcher!! And anyway yesterday loss to the Phillies was disappointing 4-3 loss in 11th innings but eventually the other team will have some magic and execution of their own!! I can’t believe that the Texas Rangers are in first place at this moment!! Are the Texas Rangers for real? I am not panicking even though the Yankees lost to the Phillies yesterday and their record is 25-19 at this moment and one game behind the Boston Red Sox!! I am embarassed to see 50% of the fans there were Phillies fan even though is the Yankee Stadium home turf and the home of the New York Yankees!! Where were all the Yankees fans this weekend?

  2. Yeah, I know the place was packed with Phillies fans. Everytime I heard a loud cheer I was like, “wait I thought a Yankee just struck out,” only to find a bunch of red shirted fans cheering.

  3. And one other thing Brian Bruney got placed on the 15-day D.L. today!! The Yankees will bring up another pitcher tomorrow!! I got no clue who yet!!

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