Random Notes…

Yesterday the Yankees Johnny Damon defeated the Orioles 5-3. Today they have an off day, there are only 4 MLB games today, and only one is in the AL. Tomorrowthey start a three game series with the Jays, the first game will be AJ vs. Halladay, that is awesome!

  • Johnny Damon has been on fire for the Yankees. Not only has he been hitting extremely well, he has come up in clutch situations and produced. Last night the Yankees were losing 3-2 in the 7th inning, and Damon comes up and smacks a 3 run home run to right center.
  • Chien-Ming Wang will pitch in AAA tomorrow against Charlotte. He is clear to throw 100 pitches. I think if he pitches well enough, we could see him soon since Hughes was not to dazzling in his last start.
  • Yesterday Joba gave up a home run to Aubrey Huff and as Huff passed first and as he crossed home he did a Joba-esque fist pump. After the game Joba said he did not notice, and Huff said he was just doing it for fun because Joba did it once after he struck out Huff last year. Supposedly the joke around the Baltimore clubhouse was that Joba popped his blood vessel by doing a fist pump. Some people are taking this issue way too seriously. First of all if a pitcher does fist pumps when you strike out a guy, you should expect batters to do fist pumps when they hit home runs. I do not think that could be considered showing someone up. I love that Joba shows emotion, it adds life to the game. However, nobodyshould get upset when someone else does fist pumps. Joba was not upset, so why should any fan be upset?
  • On Friday Xavier Nady will begin hitting off a tee and soft toss. From there they will see how he feels and if he can move forward in rehab. Let’s hope for the best.
  • According to Peter Abraham, the Yankees and Steiner Sports will begin selling memorabilia from the old Yankee Stadium tomorrow. Just letting you know that they will be available to buy, if you have the money.
  • Don’t forget to vote for Swisher for the All Star Game. VOTESWISHER
  • My heart goes out to the Kennedy family, as Ian has an aneurysm in his right arm. He will undergo surgery tomorrow. Let’s wish him the best.

Okay, that wraps up this random notes session. Don’t forget, tomorrow at 7:07 AJ goes up against Halladay in Toronto. You can catch the game on MY9.

Johnny Damon and Swish

1 thought on “Random Notes…

  1. I am very surprised that the Toronto Blue Jays are in first place with a 22-12 record! I know the Blue Jays got a great ace in Roy Halladay but ther offense is leading MLB in runs scored and I am shocked by that! The Yankees must win two out of three this series to send a message!

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