Sorry for the decrease in content…

Over the past few days the 161st Street blog has had less content up on it, with fewer updates and such. Don’t worry, I have not lost interest even in the slightest bit for blogging. The problem is that my computer is broken beyond use. For now I will be using other people’s computers when I get the chance. However, I will not have regular access to other computers, so there may not be too many entries a day. Once I either get my computer fixed, or get a new computer I will be back and running in full force. Just think of it in baseball terms, I am hurt so I don’t play regularly, but I refuse to hit the DL.

PS. The issue with my computer is that when I turn it on I get the message, “Alert! CPU fan failure.” Sometimes I can use the computer for 10 or 15 minutes before it shuts down, but most of the time it shuts off right away. I am not a computer genius, so if anyone has any suggestions throw that at me. Thank you.

ARod is back tonight!

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