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Over at VOTESWISHER.COM,  Frank, Tim, and Matt, who are die-hard Yankees fans, are determined to see Nick Swisher play for the American League All-Stars over in St. Louis this year. They make a great case for a one-of-a-kind player. Here is part of their message

Swisher is a player who gets it. Not only is he a throwback player who is always hustling and working hard; but he is amazing with the fans. Swish isn’t on the ballot, so we need write-in votes.

Let’s make this happen so that players like him get the recognition they deserve! You can vote 25 times online, but you need to write him in. Click here to get to the ballot and follow the prompts. It’s pretty simple and takes only a couple minutes to vote 25 times. Before you leave the site, visit our mobilize page. That’s how we make this happen.

Let’s do this.

Please, make an effort to vote him in. It is not difficult to do so, and it does not take that long to get 25 votes in. Although it may seem a little tedious, it will be worth it to see Swisher in the All-Star game. Last year there was a support the stache campaign for Jason Giambi which was really fun, so this year’s VoteSwisher campaign should be fun as well. Please, all I am asking is that you make an effort to vote him in, I am sure the guys over at VOTESWISHER.COM will appreciate it very much.

Nick Swisher and Brian Bruney

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