Game 26: Red Sox at Yankees

After losing last night earlier this morning, the Yankees send Joba to the hill against the Sox hitters. The Yankees will throw out the following lineup to face Josh Beckett: 

SS Derek Jeter

LF Johnny Damon

1B Mark Teixeira

DH Hideki Matsui

2B Robinson Cano

RF Nick Swisher

CF Melky Cabrera

3B Ramiro Pena

C Jose Molina

And on the mound, Joba Chamberlain


Bad News… Jorge Posada hit the DL today. He has a strained hamstring. According to Peter Abraham, the Yankees are saying he will be out for 2-3 weeks, but the fear is that he could actually be out for 2-5 weeks. (Sigh) Just when he was really getting hot. Francisco Cervelli was called up from Trenton to take his place. Cervelli had 11 hits in 58 AB’s down in AA. That’s a .190 batting average. Ouch. Well, he did have two home runs.

Arod Update… Alex went 3-6 today with two home runs and a single. He also made several plays. I think we can look at Friday as the return date.


Hopefully, Mark starts to get hot now.

Hopefully, Mark starts to get hot now.



1 thought on “Game 26: Red Sox at Yankees

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    This movement is gaining steam. Now we need to mobilize people to make this happen!

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