“He’s back…” Aceves returns

Alfredo AcevesAlfredo Aceves is back with the Yankees. He was called up from Scranton today and Anthony Claggett was optioned back down. Claggett, if you recall, was called up for yesterday’s game which he obviously did not pitch in because the game was postponed. So after thinking he would get a second chance in the majors, Anthony was sent down the next day. He must feel pretty bad. Also, to me this sounds like a waste of an option. I mean why bother calling him up if you are just going to send him back the next day? Well, anyway the Mexican Gangster is back and he is ready to show us what he can do. Hopefully he pitches like he did last year, he threw strikes and he was successful. The Yankees now have a true long man out of the bullpen.

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