Angels at Yankees rained out

Unfortunately today’s game between the Angels and Yankees was postponed. No word on the resheduled day, however the Angels are not scheduled to come back to the Bronx this year so they will have to get creative. 

Today was actually my first game at visit to the new stadium. It really is a bummer, to have the first game ever at the new Yankee Stadium be rained out. However, I did enjoy my trip very much. I got the stadium at 10:30 (I would have gotten their at 10:00 when the gates opened but today there was some biking event in the city, and they delayed me). The first thing I did after getting off the 4 train was look at the old stadium. After that I explored the Great Hall in the new stadium. It was quite impressive.



The old stadium is peeking in through the new stadiu,.

The old stadium is peeking in through the new stadium.

After checking out the Great Hall, I wanted to go to Monument Park but for some reason it was closed, so I went to the Yankee Museum. I had to wait a little bit less than an hour on line to get in, but it was worth it. The actual museum is not very big, but it is very interesting. The ball wall is amazing, they have the World Series trophies from 1977-2000, they compare seats from 1927, circa 1946, 1976, and 2009, they have Thurman Munson’s locker, they have a model of the 2009 locker (which you can type your name in a computer and it will show up on the locker), and they have much more.

YogiOnce I was finished checking out the museum, it was time to check out the field. My first thought was, WOW! It is a beautiful place. No matter how big you think the scoreboard in center is, it looks so much bigger in person. The field looks great. The frieze or facade or whatever you want to call it looks amazing, it is really nice to see it around the whole stadium. Everything about the stadium was great. I had tickets all the way up in the grandstand and the view from there was much better than the old stadium. I also checked out the standing rooms above the Mohegan Sun sports bar, It is fantastic. The view from the bleachers (minus the obstructed seats, which are not terrible) is also really nice, you feel like you’re right up on the field.


I wandered the stadium while waiting out the rain delay (which is was at the time), checking out various things. Then I went back to my seat to observe the stadium fully. The Yankees kept the fans in the stadium until a little bit after 2:00. I think that was way too long, they must have know they would be postponing the game earlier than that. Whatever, I enjoyed my stay, I can’t wait to see a game played there. However, the whole time I was there I could not put away this feeling that I wanted to be across the street. It just never went away, and this is not a complaint about the new stadium. I just miss the old one.

As I waited for the 4 train to arrive. I took as many pictures as I could of the old stadium. I just miss the place, ghosts and all. However, I think eventually those ghosts will really feel like they have moved across the street to the beautiful ballpark in the Bronx.

It was a fun Summer. I miss you.

It was a fun Summer. I miss you.

Sadly, these speakers will never play New York, New York ever again.

Sadly, these speakers will never play New York, New York ever again.

Side Notes

  • Damaso Marte was place on the the 15-day DL with shoulder weakness. That explains why we have not seen him pitch in days. Anthony Claggett was recalled from Scranton.
  • Xavier Nady is doing all he can to come back quickly. He is now undergoing a procedure in which they remove some of his blood, concentrate the platelets, and then put the platelets back directly into his elbow. Takashi Saito of the Red Sox had this procedure done last year, and he was able to avoid Tommy John surgery. That is a good sign. Nady and Saito are believed to be the only baseball players who have had this procedure done. I have to wonder if this could be considered close to cheating, obviously it is not, but it may be close. Well, I hope he comes back soon.

2 thoughts on “Angels at Yankees rained out

  1. Some very nice pictures Chris. Good work. My thoughts:
    I have not seen the museum yet nor the Sports Bar up close. Will try on the next visit.
    I do agree that the Frieze is very cool and you do feel like you are closer to the players even up in the top tier where we are.

    I feel sitting there it captures about 75-80% of the look of the old with some differences mainly in the stuff behind the outfield wall.
    All and all a great place though. sorry it rained you out.

  2. Thanks Chris! I was at the game too. Phil Hughes is the probable pitcher for the first game of the Red Sox Series but the forecast is for rain again. The Yankees and the Angels have two days in common on August 3rd or September 14. I need to take pictures of the new Stadium too but I will it do later in the season. I am in awe of the new Yankee Stadium especially the Great Hall, Yankees museum, Babe Ruth Plaza and the big videoboard. The seats are much closer to the action except in the terrace seats when it rains the seats are wet so I have to stand up on the concourse.

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