Do we bring back the “toad”?

Do you remember a guy by the name of Hideki Irabu? Yeah, that’s right, he used to pitch for the Yankees. Well, now he is trying to make a comeback, according to Anthony McCarron of the Daily News.


Hideki Irabu has restarted his pitching career, signing a contract with the Long Beach Armada of theGolden Baseball League, an independent league out West whose alumni include Jose Canseco and Rickey Henderson. The former target of George Steinbrenner’s wrath has not pitched in the majors since 2002, but is hoping to pitch his way into a comeback either in the big leagues or his native Japan. With the state of pitching in the majors, who knows?

“He’s 39 and the window is probably closing on him to play at the highest levels, so he’s making a real serious attempt to get into the best baseball shape possible and show what he could do,” said GBL commissioner Kevin Outcalt. “Our league is scouted a lot and we’ve moved a lot of players. If Irabu does well, it’ll be well-known and he’ll get an opportunity.

“We hope he comes in and lights it up.”


Hideki Irabu

A wise man says you can never have enough pitching. So why not bring back the “toad?” Well, the aforementioned wise man would probably say that bringing back Hideki Irabu would be extremely stupid. I would strongly agree with this wise man.

Obviously, I would not even consider bringing the “toad” back. I just saw the Daily News article and thought I could make a joke out of it.

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