Game 15…Yankees won 9-7

I was not home during a majority of the game so I could not do a live blog on the game today. I did get to see part of the game, from about the time when the Yankees managed not to score with the bases loaded and nobody out. I saw Melky’s walkoff, which was great. I do have a feeling Girardi had a little chat with Melky after the game about how he kind of just watched his homerun fly into the seats Manny style. Anyway, it was a fun to watch. Unfortunately that walk off home run was off an old friend, Dan Giese. I am not going to summarize the whole game since I did not watch the whole game, but I will direct you to the boxscore. The Yankees are off tommorow, and they will play the Red Sox on Friday. It will be Joba against Lester.

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