Game 14

Via Pete Abe:


SS Derek “past a diving” Jeter

LF Johnny “rockstar” Damon

1B Mark Teixeira

C Jorge Posada

2B Robinson Cano

RF Nick “swishin scissors” Swisher

DH Hit-Deki Matsui

3B Cody Ransom

CF Brett Gardner

Pitching for the Yankees Andy Pettitte


RF Ryan Sweeney

SS Orlando Cabrera

1B Jason Giambi

LF Matt Holliday

DH Jack Cust

2B Mark Ellis

3B Eric Chavez

C Kurt Suzuki

CF Rajai Davis

Pitching for the A’s Dana Eveland.

Interesting to see Giambi back in the Bronx. He deserves a loud applause, and even a bleacher creature roll call.

Also, tonight could be an mini audition for Matt Holliday if the Yankees are even slightly interested in him.

Update 7:37
It’s the second inning. Swisher walked. Hideki doubled, first and third. Ransom pops out, no runs. Gardner gets a 2 run single and then steals 2nd. Gardner on 2nd, 1 out.

Update 7:46
The Yankees batted around, and managed to score 4 runs. End of the 2nd.

Update 8:39
The A’s got the bases loaded in the top of the fourth on three consecutive singles (two of which were by Holliday and Giambi). They managed to score 2 runs. Now going into the fifth 4-2 Yankees.

Update 9:01
The A’s brought in this kid named Andrew Bailey in the 5th. It is now the 6th, he gave up a solo home run Damon. Well, anyway this kid has filthy stuff. The Yankees should get him, ha!

Update 9:32
5-2 Yankees. Top of the eight, Mr. Bruney is in.

Update 9:38
End of the top of the eight. Bruney actually gave up a run on a single, then wild pitch, then double.

Update 10:00
Start spreading the news…Yankees win! Andy Pettitte and Mariano Rivera tied the record for most wins-saves combination with 57.

1 thought on “Game 14

  1. Glad to see you are getting the hang of things Chris.
    So Live game blogging! I will have to remember to check later this week perhaps during Boston series.

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