Tsssk, tsssk, tsssk…Chien-Ming Wang

Another poor start for Wang. Many people are suggesting that he be sent to AAA to straighten himself out, yet, I disagree. At this point I would give him at least one more major league start before thinking about sending him down. The problem is that his next start is against the Red Sox on April 24. The Yankees could skip Wang’s turn because they have an off day on the 23rd, but rest has not worked in Wang’s favor throughout his career because his sinker does not sink when he is too strong. I think that Wang will rebound as long as he is healthy. I wonder if it is possible that he is too strong from all the time off with the injury. His problem is most likely a mix of his mechanics being off and a lack of confidence. Today in his first inning of work he looked like the Wang of old, pitching a 1-2-3 inning and keeping the ball down. However, in the second inning he gave up a weak swinging bunt to Hafner, then a “lucky” line-drive to Peralta, and then the homerun to Choo. The pitches to Hafner and Peralta were not bad pitches and even the pitch to Choo was a very good pitch (it just touched the outside and low corner). The trouble started after the Choo homerun which makes me think that Wang lost his confidence and as a result, lost his mechanics. I do not think pitching in AAA will get his confidence back as he probably carries too much pride and would be upset about pitching in the minors. I guess the best option right now is to just skip his start and let him get a lot of sidework in to make him a little bit tired. The Yankees could even have him in the bulpen and let him come in for an an inning or so and hopefully get his confidence back.

Update: Chien-Ming Wang could not be sent down even if the Yankees wanted to send him down. He is out of options so if they wanted to send him down he would have to go through waivers and despite his struggles every team in baseball would want to claim him.

I really do not understand options, Wang was called up once in his career and never sent down again. Plus he has not reached the five year mark, so I do not understand why he has no options. Well, whatever I don’t think sending him down would do anything anyway.

2 thoughts on “Tsssk, tsssk, tsssk…Chien-Ming Wang

  1. Doesn’t look like you have any comments yet so maybe I’ll be the first. Only fair; you commented on my blog. I think Wang is pretty much all lack of confidence right now. I don’t think I’ve seen anything like that session on the mound when Girardi took the ball from him. It looked like the whole team was trying to tell him not to worry, keep your head up, we’ll get them next time, that sort of thing. What he needs is a couple really good starts to get his MoJo back. Actually, the Red Sox could be just the tonic he needs, as they are not playing real well out of the game either, but their name means something. Give up like 1 earned over 7 innings against Beantown could really rotate his season.

    • Thanks for commenting. I guess you are right that if he does pitch decent against the Sox his confidence should soar, but if he doesn’t it would drop even more because he is losing to a rival.

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