Game 12

The starting lineup via Pete Abe:

CF Gardner

SS Jeter

LF Damon

1B Teixeira

RF Swishin Scissors

2B Robby Cano

DH Hideki “Matty” Matsui

3B Cody “Who needs ARod when your batting .139” Ransom

C Molina

Pitching for the Yankees “The Stopper” Allan James Burnett

And for the Indians…Carl “American Idle” Pavano!

Interesting to see Damon batting third.

I guess no Posada today.

I wonder if Matsui is feeling better now that he played in the end of yesterday’s and he is playing today. Or maybe they figure he won’t be the worst hitter in the lineup anyway with Cody Ransom.

Steven Jackson has been called up in place of Anthony Clagett. Didn’t see that coming, haha.

Update 2:06:
It’s the fourth inning 3-0 Indians on a solo Choo home run and a 2 run Garko home run. Oh, and Pavano is throwing a perfect game going into the bottom of the fourth.

Update 2:12:
One out into the fourth “El Capitan” ended Pavano’s perfect game and no-hitter.

Update 2:55:
Bottom of the 6th still 3-1 Indians. Molina and Gardner both with singles to open up the inning.

Update 2:57
Jeter just hit into a DP. Molina on third, two outs. What a rally killer. Damon just HBP.

Update 3:00
Teixeira walks, bases loaded, two outs, Swisher at the plate.

Swisher strikes out for the third time. End of the inning, clearly ARod’s fault.

Update 3:33:
Cano doubles to start the bottom of the seventh. Matsui singles to score Cano.

Update 3:36:
Ransom bunts, but Matsui is thrown out at 2nd. 1 out, Ransom at 1st, Posada batting for Molina.

Update 3:38:
Two run home run for Posada! 4-3 Yankees. Weird play, did fan interfere, was it a home run? Eric Wedge arguing. Will we see instant replay? I think so…yes we will.

Update 3:45
Umps out of replay room, no call yet just talking to the managers…Homerun! Eric Wedge is pissed. Girardi now looks like a genius for pinch hitting Posada.

Update 3:55
End of seventh inning, no more runs. Yankees 4, Indians 3. Bruney in the eight and some named Rivera in the eight if the score stays this way.

Update 4:25
Ransom hit a three run double that Choo decided he did not want to catch. Moe will still pitch the ninth to get some work in.

Update 4:31
Yankees win 7-2.

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